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The Broken Sword is Reforged-The "Whole Bible" Approach

 A stirring theme in an adventure story is often the re-forging of a great sword that was broken. The forces of darkness recoil in horror as the weapon emerges from it's sheath, ready once more with unerring accuracy to cut through the ranks of the enemy.

 That two-edged sword, the Word of God cannot be broken but will stand forever . However, our understanding of the Bible as a united whole has in the past been seriously compromised by a misunderstanding . The misunderstanding is that the Almighty has changed His mind about the central focus of his purpose and therefore the record of His interaction with the people and land of Israel are no longer directly relevant to us. 

         On the contrary, by letting the whole Bible speak to us we hear the Word's harmonious voice testifying that God's central purpose continues to be  the renewing of the people of Israel, with the joint aim of converting and including all of His own out of the Gentiles. 



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